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Morocco: Attractions & Wonders to Explore

Located in North Africa this mystical country has a coast on the Atlantic Ocean reaching past the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea. This country enjoys a strong sense of culture and a long and ancient history. The cool blue

water flowing over the sand of the beaches is a direct contrast with the hot white sands of the desert, while the greens of fertile valleys contrast with the browns and whites of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. The country is romantic and mysterious and there is little wonder that Morocco is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa.

In Morocco, attractions, such as the Dakar Rally, are world-famous for their dangerous appeal. Still other attractions feature incredibly old relics from the past that leave much to the imagination. Of course there is also a wide selection of mosques and churches, where visitors can find people still engaged in daily worship, and a range of palaces and historical markets that are just a wonder to see. Clearly there is no shortage of attractions in Morocco...

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