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In 1918, Collette Vacations started as a man decided to run small, local tours throughout the eastern U.S. and Canada. Fast forward nearly a century, and Collette now offers packages on all seven continents while maintaining their roots and dedication to quality, service, and most of all ... family. Now in their third generation of this family owned business, Collette’s formula for success is simple. Provide smaller, more intimate vacations to unique locations that will elevate the experience into something special.

Collette’s tours offer not only the usual favourites but thrive in off the beaten path gems that other guided tours simply ignore. As a family run business, Collette knows the values of bringing family closer together and provide special offers that go the extra mile to ensure fantastic family memories. By partnering with the Royal Horticultural Society, Collette offers incredibly unique opportunities to the best gardens in the world from America to Britain, Japan and beyond. These tours are set against some of the most breathtaking natural locations in the world and include a one year membership to the Royal Horticultural Society. As important family is to Collette, the same can be said for the passion for giving back by having their own foundation that helps the communities in need around the globe and initiatives to support children in under developed nations. Discover how a hard working, family driven, passionate and unique company like Collette Vacations can provide superior service and added value to your next travel experience. We find it. You buy it. FOR LESS!!!

Discount Collette Tours & Vacations
Discount Collette Tours & Vacations
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